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Ready to change your life? Get in on the $10 Billion hair extension and wigs business? You’ve come to the right place! Use our vendors to start your own hair business. We will provide you a list of our vendors, what we order, tips, tricks and more included in this book. Start your journey to financial independence today, or order for yourself, friends and family.


You can be in control. You can start your business in your spare time, and grow. Using the power of the internet and social media, you can set your own rules and and marketing technique. Included in our books, we give you ways to access discounted shipping, financing options for your customer, credit card processing, and web design services.


We don’t just stop at hair! Our Boutique Boss Babe gives you access to access to clothing, shades, accessories, shoe, and replica vendors. You can get in where you fit in, creating the extra income you need. The sky is the limit to your income potential.

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    About the author

    Owner Of Blame Vanity

    I’m Nikkeya, owner of Blame Vanity Hair Company. I’ve owned my boutique for seven years and have had of every trial and tribulation imaginable on my journey. In the beginning I paid to go to speeches, events and more from business owners bigger than me, hoping to learn something about this business, and in the end, it was all bullsh*t!

    I wrote this for someone starting out or trying to grow their business the right way. No bullsh*t vendors, no bullsh*t ways to do things that only work for big companies, no bullsh*t ways to save money and grow your business.

    Want to Just Start With Brazilian?

    We have a Top 3 Brazilian Vendor List just waiting for you!